Monday, September 13, 2010

I had an interesting postulation the other day while I was in the car with Mom (Tara), Reid, and Frank.  In reincarnation, what if when you die you are not reborn in the same time as when you died?  What if when i pass away i am reincarnated in a life that lived 500 years ago? What if the people you read about in history books are your relatives in past lives or you in a past life?  I know there are some out there who have already thought about this and come to different conclusions, but I find it a very revolutionary idea. 

Paul, John, Ringo, and George

This leads me to wonder if there are really that many souls in existence when you remove the illusion of time.  I think it is a staple of reincarnation that your souls cannot exist in the same time as the life you just left. (at least that is to someone with little knowlegde of the actual religious beliefs)  But I ask why is this so? Have you ever met someone you felt so intune with that many things just went unsaid? Or perhaps they seem to understand your sense of humor better than anyone else?  What if that is because it is you in another life?  When you die and are reborn what if you are reborn 6 months later than your last life was born?  And then you became friends with yourself?

This in my mind bring up the questions of love. In terms of a soul things like gender,race, an time are meaningless.  So what if all couples who experience true love are merely the same soul in two lives that happen to take place at the same time?  what if your parent IS YOU? 

"This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you"

You have to wonder now if maybe every single person is a different life of the same soul just hopping through time from one life 1000 years ago to right now to 25 years in the future and back again.  Maybe this explains the collective subconsious. Would it really be a Collective subconisous? Its all the same soul!

Your argument is invalid.
Now reflecting on what I have just wrote I can see where this can look a little chaos thoery esque, or maybe just depressing. But I want to dispell this negativity as it is infront of me. None of this idea makes any indiviual less special, in fact i see it as making everyone more special, ergo more important. Every life is a unique experience that adds to the collective soul thus furthering us toward whatever agenda a soul that is comprised of all human knowledge and experiences aspires to.


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